"Grace of Waste" wins Red Dot Award in the "Sustainability" category

The importance of sustainability is growing exponentially, both in society at large and within the consumer goods industry. The brand and design agency Peter Schmidt Group has addressed the topic of sustainability and proven that a beautiful and useful gift can be created from what is considered to be trash. Three soaps made of coffee grounds, packed in 100% recycled coffee cup paper, and labeled using ink-saving typography techniques.

The "Grace of Waste" project set high expectations in terms of design and product quality, which have now been honored for the third time. After receiving a coveted "Nail" in the ADC competition and an award at the Berlin Type Exhibition, the project has won a Red Dot Award in communication design in the category of packaging and sustainability.

"Grace of Waste" was created in autumn 2018 from a simple idea about the office coffee machine. The coffee grounds collected there daily ended up in the garbage - although coffee grounds are a natural product with numerous valuable properties. The creative team developed an upcycling idea and produced a set of three different soaps from the coffee grounds, to be use as high-quality Christmas gifts for business partners – while simultaneously initiating a discussion on what sustainable design can look like.

"It's a dilemma of the design industry that we use a lot of resources to create things that nobody often needs. That's why we designers have the privilege and the obligation to contribute new approaches and solutions to topics that affect society as a whole. Grace of Waste shows that a consistently sustainable approach does not have to mean a reduction in aesthetics," explained Heidrun Angerer, Executive Creative Director responsible for the project. "It's a first step that we hope will inspire our customers, and we want many more steps to follow – integrated into each of our future projects."

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