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As strong as individual beauty

A radically new look that reflects a new self-image.

As the result of a strategic reorientation, Europe's leading beauty retailer no longer wants to be perceived only as a distributor of major cosmetic labels, but wants to distinguish itself as a strong brand. This step required a visual new beginning that radically breaks with the look that has been established for over fifty years. We gave Douglas a new appearance: Contemporary, but not fashionable. Clear, but at the same time strong in character thanks to its striking details. A new start that self-confidently positions Douglas as a brand and no longer just as a reseller.

Awarded with:

iF Design Award 2019, Corporate Identity
Corporate Design Prize 2019, Corporate Design Relaunch – Award
Corporate Design Prize 2019, Logotype Design – Award

Parfümerie Douglas

The origins of Parfümerie Douglas GmbH date back to 1821, when John Sharp Douglas founded a soap factory in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. The first Douglas perfumery opened in 1910. Today, the company's headquarters are based in Düsseldorf. With more than 2,400 stores in 19 countries, Douglas is the market leader in Europe.

"For a traditional brand like Douglas, it is important not to age with its customers, but to attract young buyers."

Tina Müller,
Chief Executive Officer, Parfümerie Douglas GmbH

"For me, the result is an absolutely timeless logo that keeps the future of communicative in focus and has the potential to become a great icon."

Heidrun Angerer,
Executive Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group
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