Waking up a coffee icon

Packaging Design for Delta Cafés

If the Portuguese have a Love Brand, Delta is arguably the top choice. Travelling the country from north to south, you will spot the triangular logo woven into the fabric of the nation. Proudly sat on a fancy terrace, displayed on a supermarket shelf, placed in a home kitchen, or laid next to a barista’s coffee machine, filling the air with its rich aromas.

In a brave twist, Delta Cafés packaging has been invigorated with a fresh glow.

The new design language honours brand’s distinctive assets such as the iconic triangular brand shape and the perfect espresso pour, delivering a contemporary bold look while boosting shelf impact. In a perfect balance between disruption and continuity, the new design elevates the brand, reflecting its quality and market leadership. Respecting brand's DNA and heritage, whilst showcasing its innovative character.

A new visual system optimizes consistency across an enhanced portfolio architecture.

The new design strategy features an ownable navigational system: core elements such as the product name, intensity level, grind info, plus the new iconography are held centred within the familiar triangular shape, purposefully guiding us to brand’s distinctive espresso top view. It guarantees seamless shelf navigation while ensuring flexibility for future growth.

Distinctive assets have been introduced to enrich the journey.

New visual elements build up on the brand´s coffee connoisseur character: detailed info about each unique blend consolidates the specialist traits, in a refreshed typographic language that combines condensed boldness with delicate serifs.

The coffee cycle captured in an illustrative wheel and other atmospheric elements enhance the new design, wrapped up with a bright and bold golden new stamp, celebrating expertise developed since 1961 and ensuring quality in every single pouch.

Celebrating the native culture of coffee roots


Captivated by colourful illustrations, each Origins variety is inspired by the rich national colours, textiles and patterns.

Capturing the flavour of a nation

Roast Portugal

In a contemporary reintepretation of a traditional icon, Roast Portugal features the archetypal tiles in proud national colours.

Founded in 1961, Delta Cafés can consider itself to be a national pride. A love affair being constantly validated in research as the Portuguese brand with the best reputation, or the most valued and beloved. In a country where coffee embodies an essential moment in daily life, expectations of quality run high and there are strict criteria about how the perfect serve should be. Over time, "Let’s have a coffee!" has become synonymous with the ideal excuse to meet friends and spend time engaged in good conversation. The role of a coffee brand couldn’t be more relevant.

Crafted for daily consumption


In addition to the vigorous redesign process of the existing five ranges, we are proud to introduce to the diverse portfolio the launch of the Ritual range.

Conceptualised from idea to execution, in a vision that began with the naming itself, briefed to reflect not only the strategic positioning of this product within the brand's local portfolio, but also to connect harmoniously with international markets. Naturally, Delta’s seal of assured quality has grown its presence to expand beyond its origins. Now being sold in over 40 countries, with international markets representing more than 30 percent of sales, it is estimated that around the globe 10 million Delta cups of espresso are being served and enjoyed daily.

A complete portfolio, serving all tastes


No coffee range is complete without a Decaf option. And for those who prefer the purity of a product without additives, Delta presents Bio, a unique blend of 100 percent organic coffee beans.

The new visual language unmistakably awakens brand’s emotional essence and authenticity. In a Delta way.

Pedro Vilar, Chief Creative Officer

“This redesign is shaping the future of the brand. Bold and unapologetic, the contemporary new look leveraged on brand's heritage reflects their coffee expertise. It takes Delta to the next level.”

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